Product Number 426
Crista-Lime Heavy Duty  Concentrate and Equipment Cleaner
A balanced blend of special surfactants builders and solvents to quickly strip away grease,oil and dirt from concrete and other washable surfaces.  As a powdered detergent, this product is fortified with the all-natural solvent d-Limonene, making it safe to use on almost any surface.  Plus it is free-rinsing, biodegradable and provides a fresh orange scent as it cleans.  Changes color in water from bright orange to florescent yellow-green to indicate strength of the solution.



Product Number 1718
Clear Cut Non-Ammoniated wax stripping concentrate.
This liquid stripper offers fast and effortless removal of acrylic and synthetic floor and wax finishes.  Its non-ammoniated and low odor formula is ideal in  healthcare and food preparation facilities where quick turnaround time is essential.  It's strong enough to remove several layers of finish, yet versatile enough to be applied by a mop or by an automatic scrubbing machine.  Residue is easily removed by a string mop or vacuum.   Does not harm vinyl or resilient tile.



This is an EPOXY type concrete patch and repair kit. It is a unique epoxy resin-based floor surfacing material. It has been designed for patching and surfacing floors which are subjected to corrosive chemical spillages and abrasive traffic. When the three components of this kit are combined, they become an easily troweled mortar which cures chemically to an extremely tough, corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant surface.

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